Basecamp festival


Our generation is the first to experience the consequences of climate change, and the last to turn the tide. We started Basecamp Festival because we believe, with the right tools and a hands-on mentality, we can make a difference. And because we’re convinced that a festival can help make a positive impact – socially, financially and ecologically.

Basecamp Festival is here for the Re-Generation: pioneers, free spirits, creatives, new philosophers and anybody who loves the planet and likes to celebrate life. Progressive thinkers will be there to inspire us with talks and hopeful visions for the future. And of course there will be dancing and partying! Together, we will launch the first festival, centered around regenerative thinking, acting and partying. At a truly magical place: the coolest tiny house village of Holland: Basecamp, on the Dutch coast.


The Basecamp Festival program is twofold. Our musical lineup is a reflection of our mission to become a home base for the Re-Generation. We’ll embrace cultural diversity on the three stages of our festival. We’re not just concerned with an artist’s innovative music, but also with their voice and social message.

Besides a musical program, Basecamp also presents an informative knowledge program, hosted like an Unconference – a conference, where the participants help determine its content and course. It consists of talks and workshops in the fields of ecological recovery, self-sufficiency, inclusivity, equality and health. Then there’s also room for games, sports and adventure during the weekend. And the food, partly made with ingredients from our greenhouses, is delicious and fully plant-based.

Basecamp Festival


Our festival takes place in the Tiny House Eco Retreat Basecamp. We might be a bit biased, but we think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands – and still unknown to most people. You’ll find yourself right between the stunning dunes of the Kennemermeer and the most stretched-out sand beach of Holland. A weekend at Basecamp is like having a mini-vacation.

When it’s not serving as a festival location, Basecamp is a ‘living-lab,’ where people are experimenting with new forms of sustainable living, working, and now also: partying. The best thing about the site is that the sustainability transition is in full swing here. This once spiritless parking lot has been swiftly transformed into a self-sufficient village. Silent wind turbines, solar panels, a green battery container and SmartGrid make Basecamp run almost completely off-grid. Simply being there offers new perspectives on a regenerative future.

Basecamp Festival


Every member of our team has devoted his/her/their life chiefly to the event industry. Each one of us is a fervent festival attendee, a passionate music lover and a serious party head. But at the same time, another fire is burning inside of us. We can no longer deny it: we love our planet, and refuse to see it getting hurt any longer.

That’s why we’re now gathering all our knowledge, experience and positive energy to make a positive impact. We hope as many people as possible will help us put the shoulders to the wheel and build a more beautiful planet, and a more honest society. Are you in?

Basecamp Festival
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